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Originally Posted by soarrich View Post
You're going to think I'm joking, but reverse the elevator and fly it inverted you'll be shocked at how well it will fly!

I built a delta out of blue fanfold, it would tuck just like your wing does when flown with the curved side up, with the flat side up it flew great.

PS I'm looking for pictures of it, I'll post them if I find them.

Yes. It will be better... because it will nose-up with speed. And the elevons will need less reflex.

As strange as that may seem it will work.

For a soaring style wing, sacrificing a bit of aerobatic ability, its fine to have the high lift airfoil at center, but the airfoil should transition to symmetrical or a reflexed airfoil at the tip, being near symmetrical by half distance between center-line and tip. (Elevons can provide the reflex from the symmetrical airfoil.)
That sweep angle is good for this style flying wing.
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