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Default Considering LiFe vs LiPo

OK ... many of us are dedicated LiPo users due to weight vs power factors.

But many of us have models that really are kept light by this. LiPo's also are best charged out of the model ...

I am just repairing my Lancaster which flies generally on a 3S 2200 LiPo and stays level flight at about 60% throttle.

The battery sits just ahead of the CoG and in fact I have flown her perfectly safe on a 3S 1750.

It has caused me to consider LiFe battery instead ... It has even crossed my mind to literally fit and forget LiFe - just have access to leads to charge. But of course then that means delay between flights and means to charge at field.

I think LiFe will improve its physical weight / size and we may see a lighter version ? If so - why not change and have a safer battery ?

I have to now make confession and illustrate that the LiFe battery showed how safe !

I use LiFe in some of my Glow models. Without thinking one day - I connected up one of the leads from my buried Rx LiFe pack ... started charging. This did not use the balance lead and so the charger just whacked away at the pack. After a while - I noticed an odour ... terminated charge and started to investigate. I had been whacking 3S LiFe into a 2S pack ... and it basically had burst inside the model. It was wrapped in soft foam as is usual and it only scorched the foam. There was no fire at all. The leads had melted and fell away when unwrapped.

Now if that had been a LiPo ??

Anyone else considering change ?

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