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Default Tough Call

Hi Rob,
Well, I wish I could help you, but honestly I've never tried unsupported seams with MicroLite. I have with heavier films and it never works out.
They either pull apart while shrinking or pucker so badly (since you need a wider overlap) that I gave up trying.
However, with a 1/2" overlap you might be OK. If they're fully stuck together they may shrink at the same rate. If not, it will pucker and wrinkle. The bottom layer has to shrink as much as the top, or it will pull unevenly.
I can't advise you to use the gun on MicroLite. It's too heat-sensitive and I fear you will melt something. Even a slightly higher temperature with the iron will melt a hole faster than you can say "Yikes!".
But you might get away with it. Be careful!
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