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Hi George,
First, brushless is the only way to go..

Next, there were no instructions with it.

So, you get to do some fabbing work. I made a tray in the fuse to hold the servos and RX, and a deck up in the nose to hold batteries with velcro. There is a little dimple in the fuse where the CG is. You will need to also get creative with the tailwheel. They expected you to leave it free spinning with no directional control. Well that simply does not work.

You may also wish to put some plywood under the landing gear mounts, to give you a little more prop clearance.

I use Hyperion 30xx series motors, with Hobby King SS 70 amp controllers on 4 cells. Its STUPID overpowered, but fly's like a kitten at 30% throttle.
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