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Originally Posted by Murocflyer View Post
Thanks for the advice on cutting spars and that is a great idea of coating the template edges with CA.

Not to throw your build thread too far off topic, but I also have a clinic thread on WF as well. (see my sig line) There are 4 people signed up from here. But there are not many people on WF to begin with and very few people actually build anything anymore. We have 18 people on RCG signed up (not counting myself). Isn't that sad? On these two forums that have thousands and thousands of people, only 23 total people are willing to participate in the clinic. Of course I can certainly understand folks being in the middle of a build not participating though, but as you noted, there are not many of those.

I think I am going to try to do all I can to help with introducing folks into building model airplanes. It is just way too much fun not to build. Flying to me is only a very small part of this hobby/sport.

Not a problem bringing the build clinic up here. Interesting that flying is only a small part of the hobby to me also. I finally got around to flying something the other day in the small field out back, for my nephew who was visiting. My brother-in-law took some good video of my Herr Pitts which I was fortunate to not destroy in the small area, but of course didn't work the camera correctly for the flight that was worth showing.

One thing that surprises me, but then again doesn't surprise me, is that given the massive membership of that other place, they only had 18 sign ups. Shows what's happening to building there too. The build-offs have been a good idea, but they also tend to only have a small finish ratio. Manzano used to send kits for free to be prototyped, and the volunteers would never build them. Now they send them at a low price, and they still volunteer but don't build them. Difficult to get any build commitments, given that it's something that we can easily all do at home with a bit of time here and there. Charlie of Manzano and Peter Rake have done a good deal to promote building there, and somehow the ad money hungry admin there have had the sense to not shake Manzano down, as they do to any ARF distributor. If that happened, we may see an exodus of people coming to this forum.

As for the Phoenix, I finished covering the fuse, and am onto the wings now.
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