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The modes sound almost identical the the Hobby Eagle stabiliser I've just picked up.

Regarding the rate and heading hold gains.. these are technically referred to 'P' (Proportional) and 'I' (Integral) gain respectively.

P (or 'rate') is proportional to the size of error from zero, so the greater the error the greater the correction value.
I (or HH) is related to the time that the error has existed so the longer that the error has existed the greater the correction value.

Rate mode has 'I' set to zero. In heading hold mode you would use both 'P' and 'I'. 'P' looks after fast corrections to movements, 'I' looks after slower 'drifting' from desired heading. As you mentioned, both P and I would normally be increased in proportion with one another but on most controllers the value of 'P' would be something typically like 133% of 'I' value.

Usually if you go too high with 'P' (rate) gain you get a high frequency 'shake'. Too high on 'I' (HH) usually gives a slower frequency 'wag'.

Note that the above is based mainly on my experience with flybarless controllers, but the latest fixed wing units work just the same, in fact some FBL systems can be used on planes too.
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