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Normally with heading hold type systems you no longer have a 'direct' connection between stick movement and control surface response. What you are actually doing when you move the stick is requesting a certain rate of rotation. So lets say you give an aileron input, the controller sees this as a request to achieve a certain roll rate (lets say 180 deg per second).. So the controller moves the ailerons until that roll rate is achieved. The amount that the surfaces move isn't directly related to how far the stick moved but to how far the controller needed to move them in order to achieve 180 deg per second roll rate.

If this is the way the AR636 works then in knife edge you should in theory be able to put the plane into the nose up knife edge position, then release the sticks. The controller should then maintain that same nose up knife edge orientation, leaving you only throttle to adjust.

In a hover it should just hover 'hands off' and compensate with all surfaces to achieve that perfect vertical 'non-rotating' hover without any additional input. You wouldn't need to hold aileron over to counter act torque, the controller should do that itself.

I'm not using the AR636, it's the Hobby Eagle A3 that I'm using but the flight modes appear on the face of things to be the same. Unfortunately terrible weather has prevented me doing much in the way of testing... hopefully I'll get chance this weekend.

PS.. if you have any knife edge mixes set in the Tx then you will need to disable them when flying on heading hold.
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