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Originally Posted by Jeuke26 View Post
Thanks Dereck, clear enough. Will give a second try once my beloved Edge is airworthy again.
You are welcome. Just start out with baby steps. Get the Conventional Rate Gains done and set first before you take on Heading Gains.

It took me 6 batteries to just get Rate Gains down. It was windy and I only get 4 to 5 minutes per battery. Had there not been wind could have done it with 1 or 2 batteries. Just remember you cannot have Heading Gain without Rate Gain. So get Rate gains set first, then come back and get Heading gain.

Once you get it working. Then experiment a little. Just keep in mind it is better to error on the low side of gains. You will not crash if gains are too low. Set them too high and you will crash.

Baby steps my friend.
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