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Originally Posted by dereckbc View Post
If set up like I have it, most certainly from take-off to landing. Everything depends on how you set it up.

Look back at what I said. I did everything at 3/4 Throttle Power. 3/4 is not real fast, just about right for Hover. If I go to full throttle in level flight or descend to steep and go to fast in FM3, I will get violent Roll Axis Oscillations. Takeaway is you set 3D Flight Mode for 3D airspeeds. If you go to fast with Gains set to high, bad things happen.

FM1 and FM2 are my Go Fast Modes. FM1 is just plain ole fashion RX with limited throws. There are no Rate or Heading Gain turned on or set. FM2 I have set with only Rate Gain of about 20% Absolute. There is no Heading gain on my FM2 I just use FM2 for straight aerobatics and to turn the wind off. I can go full throttle in FM1 and FM2.

I think you have a misunderstanding how it works. Heading Gain is only active when the Sticks are centered. As soon as you touch the stick (except Throttle), Heading Gain is turned off. It reengages as soon as the sticks are centered. When centered, the plane should Hold in whatever Attitude Heading the plane is in when you turn loose of the control assuming you have enough Heading Gain and airspeed flowing over the control surfaces. The control surfaces DO NOT stay in neutral position, they operate to Hold the Attitude Heading when you last released the stick.

Example when I Hover assuming I have some airspeed, I level the wings fly into the wind, and pull the nose straight up and release the right stick. As the plane slows, I apply throttle so it holds altitude. Th eplane DOES NOT ROLL, PITCH or YAW. I can see the control surfaces moving especially the ailerons to keep the plane from torque rolling At that point it is all Throttle control.

If I want to transition from Hover to Harrier all IO do is pitch the nose over and release once I get the angle I want. Or I can go right into a Knife Edge from Hover by just using the Rudder stick to set the angle and release.

This is why I can do hands off take off. The plane is a Tail Draggger so the Pitch and Roll attitude are already perfect for take off. Just nail the throtle an dit goes right up into a normal take off climb with its nose pitched up the same angle as on the ground, wings level on the line it is pointing at.

Last thoughts. You can have Rate Gain or Conventional Gain without any Heading Gain. But you cannot have Heading Gain without Rate Gain. Secondly you would never use 100% gain in either Rate or Heading Gain. If you do you will crash. Start low in gain and work your way up.
This is absolutely the best explanation I have found on as3x gain setup. Thank you soooo much. Can you please explain priority settings. I have a ar9350 in a 73 inch Yak gasser. Thanks, Paul
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