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Originally Posted by swarrans View Post
My understanding is that Spektrum are moving the dual rates and expo setting away from the RX back to the transmitter
That is confirmed. Not so sure that makes it any easier to set up as EXPO and Dual rates are straight forward. FWIW Dual Rates is the wrong terminology with 3 Flight Modes. Perhaps Tri-Rates is more accurate IMO

For me the hard thing to get my noodle wrapped around was the difference between Conventional and Heading gains and how to tell what is too much or not enough. Second thing I am still trying to work out is Priority.

I have Conventional and Heading gains worked out. Trick is you must work out Conventional gain out before tackling Heading Gain.

I do see a problem with Spectrum taking Expo and Rates off the RX. I assume they will leave 3 Flight Modes. If you set up as instructed where FM1 is safe with no Gyros and low rates. FM2 for aerobatic, and FM3 for 3D demands you change Expo and Rates. If a beginner does not make the connection to put Expo's , Rates, and FM all on a single 3-position switch could easily throw a plane out of control. So I am not so sure that was a good idea or not.

What I do wish is Spektrum could have done a much better job of explaining Conventional, Heading, Relative, and Absolute Gains and how they interact with relation to Priority. Because if you do not understand and say set gains high with low Priority, you have no control and cannot change the plane attitude. That is why I STARTED THIS THREAD so all of us could share what we have learned and better understand how it works. I have most of it worked out except Priority. Perhaps a little bit more is needed on my part with Heading Gains. Conventional is Easy Peasy if you remember airspeed is the key to setting it correctly.
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