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I wished I could tell you how to set up the RX for every plane, but I cannot just my plane. It is all Trial and Error. Just be careful as some Errors like Gain being set to High is one you cannot recover from.

Use Relative Gain so you can make adjustments while flying working on 1-axis at a time. Start at say 20% and work your way up until you see the osculations, than back off the gain until oscillations stops.

Keep in mind airspeed has a lot of influence. If you set the plane up at say half throttle, and speed up you stand a chance of loosing control if the plane goes into Oscillations at higher air speeds.

Last tip set up Flight Mode 1 as your safety net with no gyros turned on, and moderate throws. FM1 is just plain ole Stick and Rudder Flying you learned to fly with. It gets you off the ground, back under control, and back on the ground in one piece.

As for me I made FM2 my Sports Mode for higher air speeds which means lower gain settings. FM3 is my 3D mode or Post Stall very slow air speed. Danger with that is if I am flying straight and level going fast and switch to FM3, I would certainly strip the gears out of my servos from the violent osculations that would occur.

So just be aware the gyros not only can help you, they can also destroy you if you are ignorant about how it operates.

I will say this, once you have the thing dialed in makes it a real pleasure to fly, especially the 3D maneuvers. On FM2 my Sports Mode is so fine tuned the plane looks like it is flying on rails. What ever attitude I set the plane in with the sticks, the gyros hold it until I tell it to change. It is like Flying a simulator on a model with Fly by Wire .
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