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RCPILOT134 I will try to help. First I use a DX6, so not cure if my setup can be duplicated on a DX9 or not. Pretty sure it can.

First up make sure your aircraft type is set up correctly in the AR636 with tail type, wing type, and one or two servos for ailerons. Fundamental I know, but double check it. FWIW Mine is:

Wing = Dual Aileron
Tail = Normal

Next up double check you RX ch/port assignments match your TX assignments

1. Throttle
2. Aileron Right
3. Elevator
4. Rudder
5. Gear (FM Switch D, 3 position switch)
6. Aux 1 Aileron Left

On the AR636 FM channel is either Gear or Aux-1 channel. My Addiction X uses 2-servos for ailerons, so each gets a channel in my setup 2 and 6.

Next up Flight Mode in your TX setup.

Set to a unused 3-position switch. I use switch D which is where you would normally assign to Flaps. It is the switch directly above the Left Joystick (rud/throttle) You can use any unused 3-position switch.

Nest up on your TX go to TELEMETRY setting and set 1 = AS3X. Display = Roller. Use your Roller to adjust gain. But you have to ell the TX what to use.

First tip I can give you is you do not have to fly or even run the motor to test. Just power up the RX and TX and check controls. On my 3 Flight Modes my RATES Progress from 1 to 3. Example using my Elevator on FM 1 the RATE = 30%. FM2 = 60%, and FM3 = 100%. All I have to do is hold the Elevator full up or down and cycle between the modes and watch the control surfaces. . FM1 just 30% deflection, FM2 60%, and FM the full 100% deflection. You can do that with all three Axis rud, ele and ail..

As a final check while pre-flighting is switch to FM3, run the throttle up to 50% to activate the gyros, than back throttle off and move the aircraft around. Yaw it and you should see the Rudder operate in the opposite direction. Same for pitch and roll axis. You see that then you know it is at least working.

Finally what I suspect is maybe two things might be wrong.

1. Your Telemetry is not set up properly. Use the Roller, not a Trim.
2. Most likely cause is you do not understand how the Relative function works. I will give it a shot to explain it. When you set say YAW to 15%, that 15% is maximum 100% on your TX Telemetry. Your Telemetry adjustment is 0 to 100%. So if you start with the Telemeter saying 0% is 0 % on the RX. So let's say you run up the TX Telemetry to 34$ translates to 5% on the RX. To get to 15% gain max you set in the RX, is 100% in the TX. So in Otherwords max gain you set to in the RX is 15% and the TX controls that in 50 increments. So on your TX you see in 2% increments o, 2, 4, 6, 8...... 100 or 50 clicks on a Trimmer.

Here is how I did mine one axis at a time. Set Relative gain to 100%. Note this is dangerous if you do not follow the next step correctly. Before you take off, make darn sure your Telemetry is set to 0% or something very low. You want it basically turned off.

Get airborne at the speed you intend for the MODE, and slowly Increase the TX gain up until you notice mild oscillations, then back it off until the osculations stop, Land and take a note what the percentage is on you TX..

Next turn the YAW gain off, and turn on Pitch to 100% and repeat as above. Take note where it ended up at. Repeat for last Axis.

Once you have all 3 axis, then go into the RX and Set Relative to what you recorded for each axis. You are set. Just remember your TX percentage does not equal RX Percentage. Well it does if you turn the gains up to 100% which is a guaranteed crash.
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