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Just want to make one point CRYSTAL CLEAR with the AS3X receivers. No matter how tempted you are to do otherwise. Set FM1 to standard plain Jane with no GAINS of any kind. I use min eon a 3D model and on my FM! I have Throw Rates at 30% (I DO NOT MEAN GAIN RATES, I mean Deflection Rates) because my control surfaces are massive, and my Expo fairly high around 60%. This makes the plane fly like a Cessna very easy, gentle, and predictable. It is my SAFE MODE or Get Out of Jail Free Card.

Trust me you will need it. I promise you are going to push the envelope in FM2 and FM3 experimenting. Eventually you are going to turn up a Gain or Priority setting to high, and when you do that the plane has a mind of its own and you will have no or little control.

FM1 is your friend, don't piss him off or run him off. You are going to need him. Even when you have FM2 and FM3 dialed in, do not change FM1 for the simple fact gyros have been known to go STUPIUD. This is especially true with 3D planes as the Turn and Roll rate is heavy on G forces can confuse the gyros. That is when you need a FRIEND you keep locked up in FM1 box. Let him out when you get in trouble.
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