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Eric Matyas
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Well, I’ve hit the 1900 track mark. It’s a little hard to believe, especially since I started the site with just 100 tracks. Almost every day now someone contacts me and tells me how they’re using my assets. That’s great to hear…I love seeing how you guys are using my work in your projects. Have fun and keep being creative!

That said, this week’s new free music tracks are:

On my Fantasy 9 page:

THE CASTLE MICE – (Looping) – Scurrying around the drafty hallways, up to their usual mischief.

SAFARIS ON OTHER WORLDS – (Looping) – What kinds of amazing things will you find?

On my Funny 6 page:

BUFFOONS IN COMMAND – (Looping) – This could be fun in a comedic historical game…or maybe something else with incompetent characters.

If you need some affordable custom work created (music, sound effects, images, etc.,) feel free to email me. My email address is here:

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