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blowing regulators:
this isnt completely relevant to any questions asked so far, but it might be interesting anyway to people who wonders if their motor has been blown.

when your motor "blows", what usually happends is that you burn off the insulation on the coils, and hence your motor is a big short circuit.
this is no good for regulators, and your regulator WILL be blown, if not shut down immediately.
it will usually still beep as usual (not motor beep though, but those with piezo speaker) and bec power WILL work as usual even after blown.
this is because the main current only passes through the final gate transistors, and the main electronics is hence not affected by current draw.
this is good news for those with blown regulators, it means that there is every chance that the "brain" (microcontroller) with auxilary electronics is all fine, and that if you change your final gate switching transistors, yout regulator will be good as new. you can even change them for higher rating ones, and make your 20A into a 200A regulator. or, your blown regulator can still serve as a BEC together with another regulator who has no bec, and that wont be any problem. i bought a 120A without bec, and if it wasnt because i had a homemade bec already, i would probably use my blown 80A as BEC together with the 120 A.
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