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EDFrules, Last fall you asked if anybody was using the 6S 4900 Rhinos's. I have a 6S in my Sport Swift 16, but I fly it with a Scorpion 4025 1100kv. Thatas a 600 sized Trex motor. It is a ballistic rocket and I will be buying some more of these bats. Guess what ??? Hobbycity dropped the price under $90 !!!!!!!!
This bat balnces perfectly on my FMA BalancePro charger and it doesn't appear to have lost ANY capacity ina near 100 flights. Iknow, I accidently drained it to just under 3.0 v per cell and charged back over 5200 ma.! EagleTree has me peaking over 123 amps on heavy maneuvers.

I just ordered a few smaller Rhinos for foamies. There are a bunch of different configs in all cell counts up to 6. A 3S700 is <$10
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