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Default Retract Servo Installation

I spent about 3 hours trying to get those retracts working. First I found one Hitec HS-81 for the job and it looked new so, I went for it and installed it. Fortunately, I did not install it permanently as I quickly got the AR-7000 receiver with it's pig tail receiver in tow and decided to make sure I can work the correct placement per the diagram in the instructions.

Well, I had to rebind the Spektrum system as it saw that I had a new configuration than before, no problem and it got back to life very quickly. However, I Flipped the Landing Gear Switch and NOTHING!!! I quickly got another servo and removed and replaced the connector at the Labeled "GEAR" and I Flipped the Switch again and the 2nd servo spinned! I must have selected a DEAD servo to begin with!

Anyway, the 2nd servo is a Hitec HS-82MG (Metal Gear) and it work great, however, here we go again, I set up everything like in the Diagram and Flipped the Switch and it wanted to go Gear Down direction (The Gear was already Down!!!). It took me a while perhaps almost one hour to figure out that all I had to do was to reverse the freaking servo from the fancy DX-7 menu.

Speaking of Gorrilla Hands / Fingers, I had the hardest time placing the retract servo screws (standard Hitec securing screws) within the retract compartment. Everytime I did the freaking screw fell inside the wing and had to fish it out. One time, I thought the screw was going to fly with the model in a permanent manner!!! I finally got out the screw and was able to get both servo screws within the holes I made using the cordless drill and I celebrated!!!!

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