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Default Accucell-6

Whats up fellas. I started using my Trinigy charger last night. Surprisingly, it was very easy topping off my Lipos, but made me second guess myself when I tried to charge a new NiMH.

I figured out how to discharge the NiMH. I set it at min of 8V. It took a short while to discharge. But when it came to charging. The battery came up in voltage really fast. About 3 min. Is this normal. Is this what it means to be a field charger. Or will the battery poop out on me halfway through my flight.

Info: Battery NiMH 650 mAh 9.6V 8Cell
Dis-Charged to 8 Volts
Charged at .6 Amps to about 10.66V
I did select 8 Cells in programing on the charger for NiMH.

Note: No Auto feature on the Accucell-6 for NiMH.

Did I do this right? And how many Volts will the 9.6V show when its done charging.

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