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These things are AWESOME! I let the plans sit for more than a year and I'm kicking myself because of it now. It took me two evenings to build the Mustang with parts I already had, and it flies great. It's flat, but it flies like a big plane and in wind that grounds glo pilots. I don't know what else to call it besides a really good-flying plane. I'd just like to say thanks to the folks at Montana Modelworks for putting out such a great aircraft. The F6F is next. Pictures to follow.

Motor: 2410-09Y
ESC: 20A
Battery: 1800 mah 3s
Servos: 3x 9g
AUW: 18.5 oz

It can even survive a 50 mph dive into the side of the house. (Although the battery did have to be bent back to shape.)
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