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I'm really p*****d off ....

I read so many things about making sure hinges were really secure ... I made sure .. I tugged / pulled / glued like no tomorrow ... flying was really nice - this model flies straight level upright / inverted / you name it ... absolute dream on the 4250 650kv + 5S + 13x8 .....

Then gave it a bit of throttle ... ailerons blew all hinges ... down she came ... SMASH !

I can live with it if it's MY mistake ... but when I look inside the ailerons (its opened up) ... the spar to take the hinges - its a thin vertical 1 - 1.5mm ply crap ! NOTHING to glue to !
AND Ca Hinges ... which I was 50-50 whether to use ..

Interesting that ALL hinges stayed in wings ... all pulled out of ailerons, not one different. That shows how weak the aileron side is.

She's repairable .... but after only 3 mins flight time ??

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