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Originally Posted by dahawk View Post

Great blog ! After totalling my 50% scratchbuilt,r.o,g, Otto Dieffenbach, inspired vectored rudder thrust F-15 a few weeks ago, I find myself with a Grayson V-2/30 amp esc, and some Htx 9g servos laying around looking for a new home. Do you think this would be a match for a modded-out Titan? I mean, a $10.00 airframe, some free time and ....

Are they on sale at Wal-Mart or Target now? Last summer, I could not find them.


Hi Hawk,

Thanks, yes those 9g servos are perfect, i use the 2-56 rods and clevis with dubro nylon control horns super glued to the foam. I have used that same basic motor esc combo and it is a fast little plane for sure. I would guess it was close to 60 mph.

I have seen them at couple local Targets, but not at all of them yet. I would keep your eye open should be very easy to find now.

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