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Originally Posted by kvflyer View Post
hate to tell ya but shipping is the big sum of $2 for any carbon order at rcplanebuilder + ya dont have to wait a jillion yrs I got mine in 3 days!
Strips: .5x 3mm x 1000=$1.20 at Rcplanebuilder vs. .5x3mm x 750 mm=$1.63 for FIVE pieces at Hobbyking.

Tubes: 5mm x 3mm x 1000mm =$4.90 at Rcplanebuilder vs. 5mm x 3mm x 750mm =$1.79 at Hobbyking.

So, if you can do a large enough order to offset the shipping, and can wait a couple weeks, and can use 750mm instead of 1000mm lengths, it costs much less for carbon at HK. Some friends and I bought about $100 work of carbon fiber stuff a year ago. The shipping was around $20 but we saved at least a couple hundred bucks vs US sources.

I do buy carbon from US sources when I need wing tubes: stuff that is precision sized and wrapped, not pultruded. I pay dearly for those but that's what I needed. The question was where can you get cheap carbon strips.

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