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Originally Posted by Wildflyer View Post
I am rebuilding an E-Flite Deuces Wild.
Twin power 25's with contra-rotating props.
I have seen this plane fly, I never though I would be able to buy it.

The thing that confuses me is the assembly manuals information about the flaps.

The manual tells me to use 1 1/8" deflection on takeoff and 5/8" on landing.

These numbers must be reversed, every plane I have seen with flaps uses some on takeoff but a lot more when landing.

The plane will weigh almost 10 lbs and it is very streamlined so I need something to slow it down, other than a parachute.

What are your thoughts about the flaps?
Anyone else fly a Deuces Wild?
Cool airplane! Congrats.
Full flaps on landing, except in the wind should make for a nice approach and landing with power in case you need to go around, but a nice slow final segment.
A few intentional ones will give you a nice feel for the right speed. But even the first setting will produce noticeable results, for reducing speed and increased descent rate. Full flaps on take off? Be ready for the vertical transition - but with those engines it should it still accelerate.
Have fun and share the pic's! Parachute does seem to be a strong selling point for Cirrus.
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