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Originally Posted by Ahmed View Post
I really like the concept of your club. I live in the Bronx but work in LI. I was looking for a place to fly after work when it starts getting dark later, but didn't want to have to belong to another club. (I already belong to 2 clubs in Rockland County). I just got the permit to fly at Cedar Creek park. Is that permit good for any of the other sites?
I haven't been there yet, but I know 2 clubs fly out of there but you don't have to belong to a club to use the field.
If you guys fly after work, I'll fly with you guys sooner or later.

AEAJR: I also enjoy flying my Radian Pro. I was looking at your club, but wanted to have more options to fly different stuff. I might visit one afternoon in the summer if that's ok.
Hi Ahmed,

Glad to hear you are interested. Cedar Creek is run by Nassau County, and they run things separately from the state parks. Its a little annoying how the park systems work - I have the Empire pass which lets you enter and park for free in all NYS parks, but there is a separate pass for all Nassau County parks... They have different rules and restrictions, and the process for the permits and pilots cards are different between the two.

As with Nassau county parks, the NYS ones require a permit for each individual park...

As long as you get a permit, you will always be welcome to fly with us. We don't have a set schedule yet, and we are just flying informally whenever we get the chance... at least until spring rolls around.. If you are interested, our website will be listing our scheduled outings in a month or two..

Feel free to contact me if you'd like any more information.. have a good one!
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