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Yes, forum registration works now.

If I come to fly with you I will bring electric launched foam gliders as well as foam planes.
Sure thing. In all honesty, the parks are accessible to everyone, and you are free to fly any types of planes. We would still welcome the company.

Since we are a foam/electric club, our personal focus will be specifically on those type of planes. Our main motivation for creating the club was because we observed the number of people, who seem to be like us, typically choose to fly alone (and outside of normal flying fields). We felt our type of club structure and attitude might be able to give these park flyers a place they'd feel at home... but we are definitely in favor of sharing the skies with other types of flyers as well.

Our access to these fields are by no means exclusive, and you will find quite a few different clubs and types of planes also flying at these locations... so its not like anyone will be out of place.
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