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Default RC Dusters, Sandwich IL

The club I belong to is the RC Dusters, from Sandwich IL. Our current club field is actually in Leland IL, on US34. Our club meets on the second Wednesday of each month. During flying season, we meet at the field, conduct business, then fly together. In the off-season, we meet at the Sandwich Park District building, located at the corner of Latham and Arnold streets. Meetings are always at 7PM.

This is the last year for us to use our field in Leland. A nearby property has been rezoned to residential, and when the house is up it will be unsafe for us to continue to fly there. As such, we have secured a new flying area which will be seeded and developed this spring. That field is approximately 5 miles south of Sandwich on farm property owned by one of our members. We hope for our new field to be everything we already have, and more!

Should anyone be interested in membership, note that AMA membership is required, and current dues are $40 per year. We have a great group of flyers, and fun is always had by all!
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