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Originally Posted by floridawen View Post
I just ordered a Wing Dragon 4 and read on several posts here that it is advisable to GLUE the WING HALVES together for rigidity and support. I was wondering WHAT IS THE BEST GLUE to use for doing this ?? Presently I have Loctite Professional 60 MINUTE EPOXY, is this the BEST ??
I considered gluing my WD4 Wings together but decided that I may need to dismantle them at some point in the future, so I fixed them together with Glass Reinforced Tape. It's very strong stuff and you can't tear it, but it can be cut if you find you need to disassemble your wings.

Being across the pond, so to speak, I can't recommend any places where to buy the tape, but I'm sure if you google "glass reinforced tape" you'll easily find a supplier
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