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Default Blade CX for those to talk about

Well we got our dealer pack in and the chopper is cute. It is a pull out and fly deal. Of course it is a Lipo set up already and that needs to be something that if given as a gift to a young starter pilot needs to be addressed.

Since we have been covered up, these came in the door Wed afternoon, we have not test flown ours. As luck would have it there is some damage to the front body from shipping. It looks like the box was dropped as one corner was crumpled. Bummer. However, Horizon will take care of that as they always do.

The reason the damage other than having some box damage was due to the proximity of the capacitor on top of the motor. The impact Cracked the top of the body cover. I noted this because you may want to notch or bend the cap down as it would be easy to damage the canopy if you pushed too hard on it. No other damage was noted and I feel confident it will fly.

The lipo has a nice little compartment it slides into. That is nice. No fighting the canopy to fit around the battery. This has a home already and you don't have to take the canopy off to service the battery. It slides out and has access on the front end so you can push it out. You will have to afix a piece of supplied hook and loop to it as there is one side already installed on the chopper in the batter compartment. That will be installed on the end of the battery.

The battery is secured with rubber rings holding it.

E-flight has provided a charger/balancer with the chopper. It is 12 Volt and will need a power supply. I am sure I didn't see one in the box.

Not a problem for the oldtimers or non first timers, however again, if this is a new purchase for a new flyer they will need to be aware of that too.

That is really all I have to report on the cute little chopper. I can tell you that about 50% of the spare parts were made available Friday. That means they will be hitting your LHS soon. The Police body for it will not be available until the first week of December So it will make a nice stocking stuffer.

The transmitter is 4 channels and it looks just like the 6 channel without the manual servo selectors on the front of it.

Hopefully the ETA on the little chopper will be firm for the end of the month because the dealer packs aren't lasting.

I hope I got all that right. I was busy going around and makine sure I took all the batteries out of the demo choppers today because I had a customer go around and start plugging them in. He thought it was fun to watch the servo's jump around.

Mamma Debbie stepped out and explained his mother should have taught him a long long time ago not to touch anything. Man, you would think that would at least stick.

Ok They are all safe. And none the worse for wear. Makes my husband nervous when I come out from behind the counter. (mad)
He'll be back next week for a chopper. The guy with sticky fingers that is. My husband says he's taking a vacation Well what can I say.
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