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It flew, it flew!

Now that I have a viable airframe, I have some questions. CG was right at 9 inches. I chucked it, power-off, then powered up, and it flew away, then got on the step and absolutely zoomed away.

It seemed a little slow on the controls, which brings me to my first question: by moving the CG back to 9-1/4" will the wing become more responsive? I had positive control, but had to move the sticks more than I am used to.

Addition of power caused a down-pitching moment, I assume that means I need to shim the rear of the motor upward, correct?

Stalls resulted in one wing falling off rather abruptly, recovery took about 50 feet and usually included a course reversal, normal?

All I can say is wow! This thing goes, I had three go-arounds because this airframe will not bleed off speed I am happy, and wish I had gotten it flying sooner!
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