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What I did not state before is that this wing uses sweep and a symmetric plan form. Both are for stability and is why the CG can be push back farther than most other wings. There is a point where they seem overly sensitive on the sticks and that is due to the elevon being part of the actual airfoil as well as most peoples experiences with wings or conventional type aircraft with large control throws.

This wing dialed in does not need large throws.Most people are quite surprised at the maneuverability this wings has on very small throws. Once dialed in it will go where you point it and even hands off at 150mph.

A customer called me last night with some rather bad news. He recently picked up His 6s 1200watt Sledge and had some bad luck on his third flight a nut came loose on the left elevon in flight. Just ask his opinion on the performance of this wing and how it fly's. He's already requested another one. His words summed up were the fastest wing he has seen or flown and did not lack performance/handling he has seen on other high performance planes and wings. Glide,inverted, in/out loops,rolls ect. not just one strong point.
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