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Lightbulb The line

I was in the drive-through the other day but my truck wouldnít allow me any closer to the speaker so I had to wait, the lady behind me was wailing on her horn screaming obscenities for me to pull my dumbass up, I politely signaled thank you and inched further to the speaker.... she still wailing on her horn calling me a old dumb ass, but I remained polite and very patient..... When I got up to the first window to pay the cashier I told her I would like to buy the order behind me.... as Iím inching up to the second window to receive the order I noticed the cashier told the lady I had bought her lunch, that immediately calmed her down and I could see that she looked at my mirror and said thank you.

when I got to the second window I took both orders that I paid for and drove away knowing she had to go all the way around again to get her lunch I may be old but Iím not stupid!
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