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Default Synapse french lover

Hi guys I'm french and I'm a synapse lover!

I fly with much too heavy batteries, 1500 and more, my CG is much to the front.

Anyway, the real answer to your question is: HOW IS THE WIND?

If the wind is weak, forget it, because without a catapult it's very difficult to launch the synapse alone without serious risk of stall. The stronger the wind the easier it starts, and then I don't care for overweight, for the synapse will still be a rocket in the sky! I have many planes and helicopters, but I wouldn't trade all of them for my synapse. I burst it apart many times, the tail was broken twice by my daughter, once by my dog, with a bit of glue nothing stops me from flying it again the next hour of so.
The worse thing that happens to me is I lose sight of it. Then all I have to do is shut the motor off and take a plastic bag to go for the pieces... AND THEN I FLY AGAIN!
When I really manage to break it beyond repair -or may be lose it away- I will buy another for I'm totally addicted to it.
If you fly it, please do something for me: full speed up away, a large turn and then scream it down toward you, when it comes near SWITCH THE ENGINE OFF and listen to this amazing sound of the whistleling wind as it flash passes in front of you. There is nothing like it. I'm 48. This plane makes me feel 30 years younger!
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