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Just got an old Wing Dragon from my bro - well, at least I think it's a Wing Dragon, there's no instructions and the stickers don't match any that I've seen Also, the body and wings are all white. It does have ailerons, an open canopy, and landing gear without the wheel covers. Looks exactly like the WD 4, but in white. Otherwise, it seems to have all the same parts. Anyhow, I thought this bird might be a good candidate for a head tracking pan/tilt FPV setup? I do have a couple of questions though...

Is the boom supposed to be screwed in? I can see holes in the boom, and what looks like hole patterns in the body, but the boom stops short from reaching it by an inch or so... it looks like there may be some extra plastic that needs to be cut out or shaved that's preventing it from going all the way in? The elevator and rudder linkages are falling an inch or so short, so made me wonder if I've got the boom in all the way correctly.

The wings in this "kit" come separate, along with the thin plastic covering to prevent rubber band dings. Do you glue the wing halves together, or just use the wood spar to join, or both? What's recommended for this? (again, no instruction manual)

Would an E-Flite Park 400 920kv work well for this? My plan is to use a 3S 1300mAh 30-40C lipo. If so, what prop should I be using on it? I have a 7x3.8 prop and ordered a couple of 7x6 props. How many watts would be recommended for good power (to say, get out of trouble quickly)?

Any and all input would be appreciated!

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