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It is recommended that a 'stab' rx is not only mounted level (and the right way round) but close to the CofG to achieve the best the roll, pitch and yaw sensing. Not so easy to do in a Wing Dragon unless you can construct a suitable flat rigid floor in the fuselage and at the same time keeping the rx aerial away from the servos and those long servo rods.

In my Wing Dragon I cheated a bit and mounted the micro elevator servo in the tail (with a very long extension lead) and did away with a rudder altogether, so no servo rods thus the fuselage has plenty of room with only the LiPo (right in the nose) and the ESC and rx on either side wall, each held with Velcro pads but then it is not a 'stab' rx!
I have only used stab rxs in 'own design' builds where I can arrange both a suitable location and a level rigid mounting.
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