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Originally Posted by alienx View Post
I have to say that I did a little testing this weekend and am convinced that I need a thrust stand now. I couldn't believe the different relative force the motor was creating with similar watt props on. That has to be a function of thrust like you are mentioning. I think I used a MAS 10x7 and the APC10x7E on one particular motor and the difference seemed to be night and day. The APC was a beast even though the MAS seemed to have a thicker blade. And this all ignores any RPM issues that might be present, because I didn't measure those numbers. Suffice it to say that I am looking at props in an entirely different way now.

In a related note, and something that is causing me a little stress right now, is the difference in power related to batteries. I did a lot of testing on some Apex batteries and then happened to switch to a new Common Sense pack that was also charged. The power output on the new CS batt was SIGNIFICANTLY different than the used Apex batts. The only thing I cna think of that might cause this is the different battery's ability to maintain voltage under load. I can't see any other reason two different packs with the same resting voltage would result in such disparate results.
Quality of the packs in question makes a big difference as well as possible difference in "C" rating. Apex batteries are ok, but are not at the top of the list. Common Sense on the other hand are good tried batteries ....similar quality to Thunderpower.

As far as props....if the APC prop was an E prop then it is designed to be as efficient as possible on an electric motor. MAS props work really well on electric motors in many cases, but generally are designed for glow or gas motors spinning different RPM's...such as in the 8500 range. They do, however beat hands down many other type of props on electric motors(such as FSK, e-flite or GWS or other kinds as well as flimsy type props....depending on the application its used on) Some ppl think Graupner Props are better then MAS props, but tis a matter of opinion. There are strengths for every prop out there. I'd take a MAS prop over a Zinger any day.
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