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Storm launchers in my opinion are hard to fly, they get tipped over by the wind and can easily get into a spiral that you can't get out of. That said they are really fun, very powerfull for a toy with brushed motors and surprisingly fast, fast enough to get away from you on your first flight! My does have some funny tendancies though it can turn smoothly but sometimes it turns really sharp and needs a massive amount of elevator to stop it tip stalling. I did have a dry solder joint on one motor so this could be the cause of the problem. The hardest thing is trimming because the sliders move to far and you can go from too much elevator to terra firma in about 1/2 a second! trimming the rudder (steering) is hard too because if its out by much the plane won't turn the other way at all. Take off the horizontal that goes between the vertical fins and remove the prop guards. My only dislike is the battery life which is short at best, and I can't seem to get replacement batteries without buying another charger.
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