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Originally Posted by dimwatt View Post
I really gotta hand it to you heli guys.

I now believe helis are the forth dimension.

I've flown many of the RC planes, glow and gas up to 88", but I cannot conquer a heli!

At the club that I fly, they are an almost secret organisation. You have to know the secret password to get help.

I don't know it, nor can I buy it.

I crash the heli flight sims so bad I had to buy a new monitor as I wrecked the bezel!

Someday, before I'm horizontal, I'll get hooked-up....

Until then, I'll marvel at you heli pilots.

I sincerely applaud you all with your fortitude, patience and drive.


as long as you dont throw the controller at the monitor, crashing on the sim should be really cheap :p. keep practicing on that sim and real life will be a breeze!
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