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The difference in energy vs. weight between lipos and A123's is also another winning point for lipos. They have a lot more energy per oz. than A123's. Which is why lipos rule for 3D. I already found out the hard way. The charge times are the most tempting part, it's like having 2 or 3 packs instead of 1. With 2 A123 packs you can basically fly all day with the quick charges. But if you're 3D'ing you'll find the added weight kind of ruins the fun. Great for sport flying where weight isn't that critical. I use a 2s1p A123 Rx pack in my 87"er for quick charges at the field. Switched back to lipos for my main power pack and it flies like a 3D plane should now. With A123's it would mush thru manuevers(20oz. overweight) and the vertical was lacking. I'll just wait for the lithium nano wire packs-that will change the face of RC as we know it. Be nice to rib the glow guys-"How much does your plane weigh(without fuel)?-Oh mine weighs less with the packs installed!" Once these cells become commonplace and cheap, glow will not make any sense to use anymore. Unless you want to be in the loser's circle. I do not miss the noise,smell,mess,adjustments or cleanup at all! Slap a pack in and fly...

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