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Been a day full of 'tripes'. Am presently trying to get a workshop together in a tiny space compared to my last house - as in, one small bedroom with models sharing with most of our bike collection - three bikes, several sets of spare wheels, tools, etc - as opposed to the last house where I annexed the entire basement and set up a seperate regime down below.

Anyway, tidying up 'the files' - years of ancient mags since 1982, mostly - and a book on the Fokker DR1 falls out of a mag box. Stuffed in there is a Model Aviation mag review that mostly diddled around the GP SE5 but mentioned the DR1.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep the Model Aviation scale columns - three or four, published some year or so back - that detailed ripping off the generic red Monokote and re-doing it in lighter covering and with better detailing. All this DR1 stuff, followed by finding this thread, has me thinking that I could 'test drive' my new shop by BARFing (Buying an Almost Ready to Fix ) and making it different to the stock red.

Which Richtofen never flew, it seems...

Mostly, ripping off the heavy covering, losing the metal pushrods for pull-pull in scale-ish locations, making sure its as superbly assembled as they say and then re-covering and finishing in something lighter with a scale finish.

There's one with white and black stripes at 45 deg over the entire aircraft. White Litespan will deal with base colour and light weight, matte black hobby enamel and masking tape will deal with the rest.

Nothing too crazy, it's not that scale after all. Which is good - I've seen real scale ones fly. You want real excitement - make the rudder scale sized Landing one like that will make you really sweat. I've seen a 60" really nice scale one fly - UK scale plan, probably RCM&E, a VK kit and Dave Hurrell's stunning 1/5th (RC Model World plan) - all of them tended to end most landing runs inverted...

GP's itty bitty one - re-inforce the top of the top wing. It's gonna need it sooner or later.

Seems AMA haven't gotten any issues past 2000 into their digital archives yet. There goes my sniff at those conversion articles, wish I'd thought to keep them.


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