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You can look at the plans for other trainers to get an idea of the structural requirements.

Essentially 3/16 X 3/8 spruce spars top and bottom with shear webbing. 1/4 square stock on a corner leading edge. (plan ahead and the sheeting carries onto the LE stock and over the spars... makes things easier) A good dihedral brace, sheeting the "D tube" (everything forward of the spars) with 1/16 balsa. 1/4 X 3/8 balsa TE to the fixed poertion of thewing and appx 1.5 inch TE stock (tapers 1/4 to 1/16) Ribs of 1/16 balsa spaced about every 6 inches. Full sheet between the last 2 and between the center rib and 2 ribs out.

Little to no washout when doing ailerons. Maybe prop the TE of the wingtip up 1/4 inch.

Relatively low dihedral. 1 inch under each wingtip is plenty. You can go down to 1/4 inch under each tip.
Don't go to 0 because that looks like the wing is drooping. Not sure why but its an optical illusion that happens every time you go 0 dihedral with a trainer wing.

The center ribs need to be doubled with 1/4 inch balsa (both of them. on the side of them that won't be glued to the other wing panel) so there is plenty of "meat" to support the dowel for mounting the wing. (assuming you want to go to bolt-on.
1/16 ply plate on the top at the TE spreading 2 inches on each side of the fuselage and from TE 3 inches forward. This will either protect the TE from rubber bands cutting in or give support to the wing mounting bolts.

(that's all just off the top of my head... I probably left a few things out)


Reinforced bluecore ... I don't think you want to play with a hot wire foam cutter.
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