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Originally Posted by thepiper92 View Post
So one of the guys I work with has developed an interest in helis, not planes even though his interest came from me flying planes. I worked out the yaw issues so his first flights would be good, or at least the best they can be. Overall, the heli seems stable, but there exists some annoyances. First, the pack is so dang hard to get into the heli. Secondly, the flybar bends from nothing. He hadn't even flown it yet and before my first attempt I came across a slight bend. Lastly the heli doesn't do much other than hover. Sure it goes forward, back, left, right, but so slowly. Can this be fixed. Yes, the settings are good for first time pilots, like my friend, but I would find myself getting bored quickly with how sedate flight is; my 1SQ quad at lowest rates is less sedate. I'm sure at some point he will want more from it. The quality seems good, though brushless would have been nice, and flight time is great.
Sorry to say, but it is what it is.....a very beginner 4ch coax that has lost popularity due to it's docile behavior even with up-grades.....that said, consider up-grades only as a measure for replacement of broken parts, it's really not worth throwing $$$ at....

Here's a link that may give some insight:

Boardom will soon set in.... and rotor blade replacement will become frustraiting after out door flights in any kind of breeze!
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