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Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post
Now that I am flying the dreaded GLOW planes, I have found need for a larger field. My local club field is flyable, but tight, and makes me more than a little nervous with all the houses around.

So, I rejoined my old club, the Eglin Aero Modlers. Home of Buckshot (Tim).

I decided to get out early, and maiden my "new" mustang without any witnesses. I don't mind reporting my crashes, but I rarely like showing them live. I arrived about 8 am. I admit, I was disheartened to see the crowd of people already at the field.

I was soon pleasantly surprised at the people who were there, and those who soon showed up. I could fly the mustang at any time, but I have been far too long since seeing the guys from this club. Tim was there, with a neighbor's kid, Houston. Carlos and his father were on site. Jon the elevator guy was there. Ed and Allen from my local club showed up for a short while. It was good to see these guys all in one place.

I decided to get some air time with a few of my planes. I brought and flew the camera plane, my Mini Funtana X, the wing that Steve (NUTS) gave me, and of course my ultra stick. It was acting odd, like it had less power than usual. I prepped my Mustang, and Carlos was good enough to remaiden it for me.

I warned him, easy on the gear, I just rebuilt it and wasn't sure of my skills. So, in he comes, touching down at the end of the runway, BOUNCE! Down again, and BOUNCE, he did this all the way down the field, then powered up and flew off for another go. More bouncing, and a sharp skid/spin. If the landing gear didn't go out on this landing, it should be good for a long time to come. He flew it great, trimmed it out, and it flies very well for me now, thanks.

I waited for the wind to calm some, it was shifting all around the windsock. When it slowed, and steadied direction, I worked up the nerve and taxied my Mustang out to the end of the runway. I powered it up and noticed it wanted to pull to the left, and hard. I aborted that take off, preventing the plane from cutting into the spectators. I took it to the down wind end again, and gave it another go, being sure to keep some right rudder into it. After some S turns down the runway, it took off like a dream.

I flew it all around the pattern. I had it flying nice, and wanted to try a landing. I greased it. I couldn't believe how well I did, neither could anyone else...

Houston was impressed. He wanted to see it again. Well, apparently it was a fluke at this field, I from then on bounced my way down the field. I did a few more flights, and called it quits with the 'stang. I put a few flights on the edge, the MFX, and the wing. Before I knew it, it was well past noon, on it's way to 2 pm, and I wanted to be home before that. I packed my belongings, and headed home.

What a great day to fly! I wish so much I was there with my plane!
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