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Lightbulb Anyone Thinking about going Solar for their Home

I wish I would have seen this Video before I went with solar on my Home, This video just came out recently, I did not know a lot about solar and I studied what ever info i could get my hands on, Anyway I did go with solar after all, and the sales man was pushing a 95% solar system, meaning 95% of my electricity needs would come form solar, Yea Right, I wanted a system that was 125% of my needs so that I would not have to pay the electric company and would recieve some money back at the end of the year for generating more electricity than i used, well I got talked into a 95% system and I am Pissed off, at the end of the year I had to pay edison $920.00 that I was not expecting in electricity that I was using and it was showing on the bill but it was well hidden on page 5 I Had 8 more solar panels added to my Home, and that gives me a 112% system, 12% more than what i will be using, I am still ahead of the Game, the first system lease is $100.00 per month and the second system lease system is $49.00 a month, so my Electric Bill is about $150.00 per month, the average electric bill in my area is $200 to 300 per month.
My advice to anyone if they do go solar, is to get a 125% solar system and dont let the sales person talk you into any thing less than that, If they do try to sell you a smaller system, show them the Door and tell them to get the He!!! out of here LOL

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