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Default CellPro 4S 3 Amp Model

Having been given a new but older CellPro 4S 3 amp charger I now need to figure out how to use it to charge individual 18650 cells instead of packs.

I am using 18650 batteries as external power sources for my Trail Cameras that use internal Li-Ion batteries as their primary power source. The 18650 external power configuration is four parallel connected unprotected cells in Protected battery holders. It works very well and greatly extends my cameras time between battery change outs.

Three questions:

I am new to Hobby Chargers and was wondering how I would wire up the holder and charger to charge the individual cells in a parallel connected holder? My initial plan was to use an unprotected 18650 cell holder that connects the cells in parallel and connect the holder to the charger. I didn't see any diagrams for this in the manual.

Could I charge the individual cells in series if using a MACPB7 Node connector pigtail assembly? This would require using individual battery holders so I could easily connect the positive, negative and 3 Node wires.

I have a new Multi4 coming as well so I assume it and the 4S would be wire up identically?

Thank you,
Bill Smith
NE Oklahoma

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