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Originally Posted by ko4nrbs View Post
I didn't think I could use the 4S to charge in parallel since it charges through the Balancing wires??

The cells are 3400mAH and they are to be charged to 4.2 volts at 1 amp.

I'd like to get the wiring diagrams for balancing cables.

I want to be all set up for parallel and series charging so I have both bases covered.

If charging in parallel:

If charging in series I guess I would have to use individual single battery holders and connect them to the 4S.

Thank you,
I just thought of something on your batteries. Are you discharging them all in parallel? Or, one at a time?

In either case, you are likely to wind up with different numbers of milliampere hours taken out of each cell. That will be an issue when charging them in series. Your Cellpro charger, when used with the balancing connector will balance all cells during the charging process, but it could take a long long while if your batteries are way out of balance. Like a day or two.

The higher powered Cellpro Powerlab 6 or Powerlab 8 chargers have a much better capability in rebalancing way out of balance cells, but those chargers are not cheap. (I've got two Cellpro Powerlab 8 chargers)

Charging them in parallel eliminates any balance issues during the charging cycle. Your Cellpro 4S charger specifies that it can charge up to a maximum of 4 Amps on from one to four cell battery packs. However, it is not wise to set your charging rate over the maximum charge rate allowed in any one cell. So, with perhaps a 1C maximum charge rate which most Lithium batteries can handle, your maximum charge rate for your cells would be 3.4 Amps. That would apply for charging one, two, three or all four cells. Just be sure to check on the maximum charge rate allowed on your cells.

If you can live with a maximum charge time of around 5 or 6 hours or so, what you all ready have will work just fine. Just charge in parallel.
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