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Originally Posted by pmullen503 View Post
Strips: .5x 3mm x 1000=$1.20 at Rcplanebuilder vs. .5x3mm x 750 mm=$1.63 for FIVE pieces at Hobbyking.

Tubes: 5mm x 3mm x 1000mm =$4.90 at Rcplanebuilder vs. 5mm x 3mm x 750mm =$1.79 at Hobbyking.

So, if you can do a large enough order to offset the shipping, and can wait a couple weeks, and can use 750mm instead of 1000mm lengths, it costs much less for carbon at HK. Some friends and I bought about $100 work of carbon fiber stuff a year ago. The shipping was around $20 but we saved at least a couple hundred bucks vs US sources.

I do buy carbon from US sources when I need wing tubes: stuff that is precision sized and wrapped, not pultruded. I pay dearly for those but that's what I needed. The question was where can you get cheap carbon strips.

I didnt see many strips at HK mostly tubes "which Im not after, ya HK has some good prices if ya wanna wait and if ya want shorter pieces, whatever turns ya on I should mention unlike HK RCPB has great customer service! and easy is to get a hold of, that sez alot!

one time I ordered some epp and the guy threw in an extra sheet that he said flawed, Ha, I couldnt see any flaws

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