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Default Moving soon, saying Hello!

My wife and I are planning a move soon to South Carolina (Spartanburg area).

I've already looked at the AMA clubs, and the Spartanburg Sky Knights looks like they have a great flying field. I hope I can meet some of you electric flyers there.

I like to build. In fact, I build much better than I fly - there may be a correlation there somewhere My last three planes were a BMJR Spacewalker built from one of their fine kits, a Demi Duster from plans (redrawn in CAD and a short kit laser cut), and a Sig MidStar 40, converted to electric with twin motors mounted in nacelles on the wing.

Once we get settled in (my workshop space is #1 on my list - of course, my wife may have a different opinion of priorities!) I'm going to start work on my next project: an AgMaster II (another crop duster) from plans and CAD drawings. Electric, of course!
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