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Default Blade 400 Tail Set up - Help Please

OK, I sat down on the weekend and set up the head on my Blade 400. Leveled the swash plate at zero and at both full positive and negative pitch.

The tail set up however is where I ran into a problem.

Heres what I did.

-TX Settings: Gyro > Set 0 to 66% and set 1 to 47.5%
(Thats about right yes? 0 for HH and 1 for Rate?)

-Made sure theres no trim / sub trim on the rudder.

-Set the Gyro in Rate mode (switch in position 1)

-Set the servo horn up at 90* (Straight up)

-Centred the tail slider by adjusting the ball link on the tail control rod.

Now heres where I ran into a problem.

-With the travel adjustment for rudder at the factory set 90% and the gyro in rate mode (thats if I have set it up correct) The tail centres pefectly and when I put in full left/right rudder the tail slider moves from one side to the other and stops just before it reaches the sides. (full movement with no binding / hitting the sides)

Perfect I thought, that all seems right (rembering this is my first real heli and I havent even spooled it up yet...)

BUT when I switch the gyro into HH mode and input rudder movement left and right the servo travel limits seem to go through the roof.

I can only move the stick about 75% left and right, any more and the tail slider reaches its physical end point and the servo starts binding.

I haven't been able to adjust the travele limit (end point adjustment) of the rudder servo while in HH mode and adjusting them in rate mode dosent seem to effect it while in HH mode (dosn't really help in rate mode either).

Not having any experience with a Gyro Set up or a heli in general i've come here for help.

Is what I have described normal? Or, How can I fix it?
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