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Originally Posted by pilotmikey96 View Post
i brought this new li-po 1250mAh 11.1V battery from the local model shop and ive charged it up but when i put it inside my aircraft (cessna ep 400 CML) it makes a strange noise, the rudder struggles for a while then everything jams to the right? the wheel is attached to the rudder so that jams right too, and after that, nothing moves , cant figure out whats wrong with it, it cant be the aircraft because it works perfectly on the origional battery so i thought id ask around before taking it back to the shop.
Have you checked the battery with a volt meter? First thing I would do is check for low voltage on the pack, that could very easily cause it to go crazy, or maybe a short in the pack that would give a strange rating.

Is the pack puffed at all or damaged any way? Have you tried your old battery since you have used the new one does the problem still go away?

In any case I would store the pack outdoors in a fire proof container just in case there is a short or other damage since there is a chance the damaged pack could catch fire. Advise the local model shop that the pack is potentially damaged as well when you return it.
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