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Hi Jedorme See, Lots of Sharp people here that are willing to help out the newbe you can also just use a y connector for the ailerons, if your just going to use the ailerons and no flap mixing with them, Also do yourself a Great Big Favor Use Berg receivers with FM, they are the best of the best and dont cost anymore than other receivers, its like having a 2.4 radio system, as the Berg receivers will lock onto your transmitter, all i use are Jr transmitters and berg receivers, and I am Glitch Free I have 2.4 radios too, but i like the JR Transmitter with a berg receiver much better, less to go wrong and better range, IMHO, hope that helps, Chellie

i like the berg 4L receiver for smaller planes, also, only use berg crystals.

Transmitter Signal Recognition (TSR) process:
The receiver "learns" the characteristics and specific signal signatures of your transmitter when you power it up. After that, the receiver will only listen to your transmitter*.
Note: If a similar transmitter on the same channel is powered up and is CLOSERto your receiver than your own transmitter, loss of signal/fail safe may be experienced.
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